Monday, March 23, 2009

VoIP introduction

Most companies and businesses were first made aware or introduced to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Technology because of the long distance (LD) cost savings.

However, there are also more real benefits to VoIP then simple LD cost savings. Productivity enhancements and connectivity are real benefits. There are also other benefits that should be reviewed and not overlooked when consider switching to a VoIP solution.

VoIP telephone systems are also helpful to companies as it allows them to improve their overall professional image. Small to medium sized businesses can benefit greatly from this.

When it comes to optimizing a VoIP phone system on a single network, it is most important that quality of service is available or can be achieved as to reach 99.999 percent uptime.

Integrating Voice and Data on a single network represents a significant leap forward for worker productivity. When switching to a VoIP based system initial steps should include, reviewing the network and infrastructure as to clarity points of congestion as well as other points that could possibly impact the performance of the system and voice quality. Time should be allocated for troubleshooting for both the network as well as the IP telephone system in the event that these steps are not taken.

The Next step is to ensure the business benefits from increased productivity of the VoIP system. You must also ensure that you provider (TRC) offers proper on site training for your users. This training must include how to use the VoIP system and outline the features and benefits that it brings to these users and their jobs.

Businesses can also consider adding to there IP telephone system a Unified Communications (UC) platform which consists of upgrading the VoIP Phone system with Unified Communications. This added platform will also bolster productivity as UC provides multiple channels of communications and presents for the users across your geographical locations.

Today the VoIP offering consists of three distinct VoIP hardware platforms. They are the IP solution, Hybrid IP solution and SIP solution. To find out more about these various hardware platforms contact
TRC Networks at 416-398-4448 or email us at

Hybrid IP is unique platform in that it will allow business the ability to migrate slowly, deploying and phasing in VoIP technologies while still allowing businesses to make use of their legacy equipment.

With a VoIP solution, businesses should reduce the amount of money in the IT budget needed to maintain circuit switched phone systems. Optimized VoIP may include improving the network performance, lower overhead costs, enhanced worker productivity and a distinct competitive advantage and maximum ROI.

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