Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Avaya hits it out of the ball park with this one!

Last week at the Avaya User Group in Las Vegas, Avaya previewed their new branding. It certainly was a defining moment for Avaya.

As we begin to aggressively position Avaya as the leader in business collaboration and focus our innovation on transforming customers’ infrastructures to improve their collaborative capabilities.

Our new corporate branding: Avaya, "The Power of We"

Avaya, The Power of We is a tremendous description of how Avaya provides the right technology and services to help customers access information faster, pull people easily, make decisions more quickly and communicate across different devices.

Avaya’s marketing team has a full-scale rollout plan underway for The Power of We, which will culminate in the external launch of the new branding and products in September.

Stay tuned for more from Avaya. The executive team and marketing people definitely seem to be heading in the right direction. Sales and marketing awareness is growing in leaps and bounds

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Monday, May 30, 2011

New announcements about Avaya IP Office 7.0

By Garry Audin

Reporter’s Notebook

New York- Avaya rolled out important announcements at their press gathering today in New York. The release of 7.0 makes the migration of Nortel users to Avaya’s IP Office seamless and low risk. 7.0 allows Nortel users to retain their digital phones. The retention of the Nortel phones avoids a total “rip and replace” when going to an Avaya system. This allows the customer to reduce their capital costs by 40-60% when making the move to IP Office.

A second feature of 7.0 is the easy administration and configuration transport from a BCM to an IP Office system. Dr. Allen Baratz, senior vice president of Avaya and president of Avaya Global Solutions demonstrated this migration capability. He moved the configuration from the BCM to to the IP Office, including not only the administration and configuration, but also the voice mails. It is a direct copy of one system to the other, preformed automatically- and the move is done in a matter of minutes!

Tom Mitchell, senior vice president of Avaya and president of Avaya Go To Market moderated a panel of Avaya partners. The partners expressed enthusiasm for 7.0 and how excited their Nortel customers are that there is a low risk migration path. The partners discussed how the simplicity of the offering reduced their costs for migration and increased customer confidence when making the move. Partners from the US and Canada were represented.

7.0 reduces complexity for the partner by reducing the number of Avaya and Nortel products the partners need to sell, maintain and support.

Tom went on to mention that Avaya invests $20 million a year in partner training programs.

Avaya now has a network of approximately 9,000 partners globally.

The morning ended with a technology cake (red velvet with red and black icing), baked by Buddy Valastro the star of the Cake Boss reality TV show, featured on The Learning Channel. Dr Baratz challenged Valastro to bake a cake that would support a video conference. Valestro was able to integrate displays, cameras and other electronics into a cake that required the help of eight people to lift to the podium. The entire effort was recorded by the production crew of Valastro’s program, and will be aired probably at the end of June.

The partners, journalists and analysts became the reality show audience.

Avaya’s major new York conclave was joined by people assembled in London, Munich and 1,500 people attending via on-line.

Avaya Evolves Business Collaboration for Mobile Workers

As the second day of the International Avaya User Group conference got underway in Las Vegas, Avaya announced the next step in the evolution of unified communications solutions for mobile employees that expand flexibility, enable more efficient collaboration and reduce the cost of supporting a growing mobile workforce. The latest Avaya one-X soft client solutions enable higher levels of productivity for workers in any location through a consistent user experience delivered by Avaya Aura unified communications applications to the broadest range of mobile consumer devices.

“Today, Avaya gives mobile users the broadest range of choice to seamlessly integrate consumer devices into their enterprise toolkit. Further, Avaya UC Mobility solutions provide a consistent experience across multiple devices, simplifying access to people and information and freeing users from the limits of their location or situation,” saidAnthony Bartolo, vice president and general manager, Unified Communications, Avaya
cost of ownership.

Among the enhancements to Avaya’s industry leading portfolio of unified communications soft clients for mobile workers:

  • Support for new devices including: Android-based devices such the Samsung Galaxy II; Apple MAC OS, Apple iPhone 3GS and 4G, and RIM/Blackberry touchscreen devices in addition to Symbian and Windows-based operating systems
  • A new SIP client for Apple iOS on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone enabling UC and voice over wifi or cellular networks
  • Presence status of team members available across Avaya endpoints and soft clients – including Microsoft OCS – and mobile devices
  • Unified call logs, contact lists and voice messages across all endpoints and soft clients
  • Consolidation of mobile UC client applications, management and administration onto a single, virtualized server reduces IT support requirements and operating costs for low total cost of ownership.

Jongshin Kim, Vice president of Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics said, “As the leader in Android-based smartphones, Samsung sees a huge benefit to our customers being able to access all capabilities of their business communications systems while mobile. We are delighted to deliver the first Android-based smartphone to offer Avaya one-X Mobile, a world-class unified communications and collaboration solution, on our enterprise ready devices including the Galaxy S II. Together with Avaya, we can provide simplified, seamless access to powerful business communications and collaboration anywhere in the world.”

For more information, please visit www.avaya.com.

Avaya Introduces New Communications Support Model to Drive Greater Flexibility, Faster Response Times

· New support model provides globally consistent and streamlined support options aligned with today’s advanced communications needs
· Customers to experience accelerated responses and simple, flexible packages

Basking Ridge, N.J. (May 24, 2011) – Avaya, a global leader in enterprise collaboration systems, software and services, today introduced a new support model that offers simple, flexible options and faster response times for Avaya solutions. Avaya Support Advantage is a comprehensive maintenance model comprised of 24×7 remote software and hardware support, with additional modular options that can be added to suit a customer’s needs.

The new support framework will be consistent globally for all new Avaya system solutions. It provides around-the-clock maintenance support coverage for both software and hardware, and enables effective troubleshooting of communications as well as streamlined pricing and invoicing.

The new Avaya Support Advantage model features two packages:
· Essential Support is the basic level of support for customers requiring solution level remote technical support as well as software updates and patches. It offers 24×7 remote technical support and sets specific response time parameters to address issues, depending on problem severity. Included are access to Avaya’s Web-based customer support tools, remote technical support of hardware and software, and coverage to ensure required parts are delivered on the next business day.
· Preferred Support encompasses the Essential package plus remote monitoring that alerts Avaya within 90 seconds of receiving an alarm. It can drive up to 20% faster resolution times, on average, due to increased visibility through around-the-clock monitoring. The Avaya EXPERT SystemsSM monitoring remotely clears virtually all system-generated alarms. With this package, Avaya aims for response times of 15 minutes or less for major incidents.

Avaya Support Advantage also includes simplified add-on options that enable Avaya’s maintenance partners and customers to select services in various combinations. These include:
· Upgrade Advantage for subscription access to the latest major software upgrades.
· Onsite support for critical parts replacement at the customer’s location.
· Terminal replacement for next-day deliveries to replace defective terminals.
· Software release management and back-up and restore services.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Polycom 8400 Series Arrives

By thetelecomreseller.com

Last fall Polycom made a major announcement: the 8400 series. The product was announced at HIMMS, an event for healthcare technology buyers. And as May concludes, the phones are here and shipping, thus allowing companies to have budgeted the product last fall to take delivery now.

The 8400 series are voice-over-Wi-Fi handsets designed for emerging applications such as barcode medication administration (BCMA), inventory control, equipment monitoring, and more. These new devices enable web browsing, IM, and boasts an XML API for customized applications, and two models have integrated barcode readers. The SpectraLink 8400 series will initially consist of three handsets: the 8440, 8450 with 1D barcode capability and the 8452 with 2D barcode capability.The phones have been Beta tested in seventeen sites, and have proven themselves in demanding heathcare and other settings.

While loaded with features, the phones offer an important innovation for IT managers: it restores control. Now the administration can curb “cyber loafing” and other abuses by limiting the phones functions to job functions.

In this podcast, Polycom Director of UC Global Alliance discusses the 8400 and Polycom’s commitment to making the 8400 and other Polycom products fully interoperable with Avaya.

Listen to the podcast

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:46 — 12.6MB)

Audin: “Nortel to Avaya Migration, Easy”

By Gary Audin

The Nortel Enterprise Solutions (NES) customer has been concerned about the connection of the NES phones to Avaya’s IP Office (IPO). Problem solved. At last week’s “Think Big” event presented by Avaya, it was announced that the migration from NES products to Avaya IP Office was fully implemented in the release of IPO 7.0.

The advent of IP based telephone systems has almost always supported analog phones and devices like analog FAX and PC modems. The support of SIP phones has become very common. But what happens to the customer that has proprietary digital and/or IP phones from Nortel? The lack of support by Avaya has limited the sales of IP Office to these customers because of the high cost of replacing the proprietary Nortel phones. There are approximately 14 million Nortel users worldwide according to Avaya.

IPO 7.0 allows the NES customer with the Business Communications Manager (BCM) and Norstar phones to use their NES phones with IP Office. This preserves the customer’s original investment thereby saving 40% to 60% of the cost of implementing IPO with new phones. Release 7.0 of IPO now supports the 1100 and 1200 series IP phones that are supported by the BCM and the associated Key Expansion Modules using SIP. IPO also supports T7000 and M7000 series sets, Audio Conferencing Unit and Digital Mobility Solutions.

This support is in itself very important. But the process of configuring the IPO when all the information is located in the BCM can be difficult, time consuming and error prone. Avaya also announced and demonstrated the capability to automatically configure the IPO by connecting it to the BCM. The Avaya Data Migration Tool simplifies the process of transferring the configuration information and other data stored on the BCM. Phone extensions and voice mails are all transferred by cable from the BCM to IPO.

The demonstration of the Data Migration Tool by Dr. Alan Baratz SVP and President, Avaya Global Solutions, took a few minutes to accomplish. In large configurations, the transfers may take up to one hour according to Avaya. The Tool is not only an advantage to the customer; it also reduces the labor of the Avaya partner to complete the transfer. It appears that this process can eliminate any errors in the data migration between the two product lines.

The abilities to retain NES phones and support an automated transfer of information should stimulate the growth of IP Office. This will also change the proportion of Avaya product sales to Nortel sales eventually moving Nortel customers to an Avaya platform. Avaya announced that they have sold 200,000 IPO systems supporting 7 million users as of 2011.

CRI and Avaya Delivering on the promise of VENA

By Thetetecomreseller.com

CRI Chief Technology Officer Paul Leatherman and Avaya Vice President and Global General Manager Data Solutions Jean Turgeon discuss how Avaya’s VENA gives businesses the agility to make application changes in an inexpensive and reliable manner. Delivering a virtulization of applications is a reality, not just a vision.

CRI has launched Application Center to provide innovative and reliable unified communications solution available today. By leveraging VENA, CRI meets the the need for fault tolerance and seamless communication. The CRI Application Center provides complete and automatic failover of Avaya applications while preserving all active calls, including voice/video & data.

Listen to the podcast

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:08 — 12.0MB)

Increased efficiency and flexibility from Avaya's expanded mobility solutions

from Avaya Connected Blog

vegas sunset.JPG

Readers of this blog have seen the excellent coverage of the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) conference taking place this week in Las Vegas. For example, my colleague Jay Barta summarizes the conference so far thusly:

IAUG - Avaya's official global user's group - serves as the primary resource for education, networking and advocacy for Avaya's global customer community and unites users across all of Avaya's product and solution areas. This year, IAUG will hold more than 200 education breakout sessions and showcase 130 exhibitors in an Expo Center where Avaya Connect, DevConnect and other partners from across the globe can show off technologies that complement Avaya and heritage Nortel offerings.

Today, as part of IAUG, Avaya announced a number of important extensions of our diverse mobility offerings.

We announced "the next step in the evolution of unified communications solutions for mobile employees that expand flexibility, enable more efficient collaboration and reduce the cost of supporting a growing mobile workforce. The latest Avaya one-X® soft client solutions enable higher levels of productivity for workers in any location through a consistent user experience delivered by Avaya Aura® unified communications applications to the broadest range of mobile consumer devices."

As you know from reading my posts on this blog, mobility/remote working is a deep personal passion, and as a result, I could not be happier about these announcements and product enhancements. Personally, I am excited about further interoperability with my Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone. I love the phone and now it is going to further help me do my job.

Remote and mobile working is clearly the future of the workforce and used intelligently can significantly drive down the resources an organization uses to conduct its business. For example, if a company decides to leverage remote working to migrate employees out of an office or branch, it will occupy less physical space. Since it is quite resource intensive to heat, cool and light office space throughout a year, the company becomes greener and lowers their costs.

From my own experience working via virtual office (looking at the iconic golden gate bridge from my apartment as I write this post), I know that you can be incredibly productive working outside of a traditional office environment. I also have enjoyed the flexibility of working from anywhere to take my job on the road, often in trips that combine business and pleasure. Finally, I don't waste any time on a commute, since mine is presently a handful of feet. This time becomes work time, enabling me to get more done and avoiding the headache and stress of rush-hour. These are just three examples of the benefits offered by a mobile/remote workforce and why I am so pleased with today's announcements extending our outstanding offerings in this space.

More Highlights
- Provides more choices for users with support for the newest and broadest range of consumer devices
- Eliminates enterprise boundaries by extending rich, unified communications capabilities with a consistent experience across devices
- Enables IT to better serve the business while simplifying management and reducing costs

Interested in Avaya's mobility offerings? Learn more here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Avaya Demonstrates UC Applications Capabilities

By David Yedwab May 20, 2011

There has been much discussion about the business value of UC. Across the space users are beginning to experience significant business value from implementing UC solutions either as extensions or upgrades to their voice and/or desktop infrastructures. And the benefits can be substantial and returns significant as can be observed in the many case studies found on vendor websites.

Avaya, with its ACE program, is demonstrating considerable business value in various applications ranging from desktop client interoperability with Microsoft and IBM desktops to several vertical applications integration using 3rd party software. In fact, next week at IAUG, Avaya will introduce a new program called Ace Your Apps, designed to help extend Avaya’s transformational people-centric collaboration experiences while providing users with maximum flexibility and choice of desktop and business application software.

At the heart of this program is a compelling offer for enterprises with Avaya Aura or Avaya Communication Server 1000 and Microsoft or IBM instant messaging and presence clients. Enterprises having current Avaya solutions get one free desktop integration user license for each UC-entitled user (up to $140/user in value). This can result in significant savings – up to 87% for 5,000 deployed users – plus the ability to establish a communications-enabled business process (CEBP) platform that can further drive innovation and workflow efficiency by integrating critical business processes in order to grow competitive advantage through both the extension of productivity growth within the enterprise to desk-bound and mobile workers and across the supply chain.

Avaya ACE and Aura implement CEPB 2.0 – Application agility across communications domains. This is both multi-vendor and multi-modal integration. Applications are abstracted from separate and standalone PBX domains and made scalable and continuous across enterprise. They are no longer gated by PBX changes. Avaya Aura is the central point of aggregation at the network level while ACE is the central point of aggregation at the application level providing a unified application view. Enterprises no longer need to be tied to a particular vendor because ACE and Aura are multi-vendor – and not just in the voice-centric world. The integration of ACE and Aura extends CEBP into the multi-modal communications environment including mobility, video, speech, text, chat, presence and other communication services. . You can inject the intelligence onto the session manager to route the call to specific endpoints based on preconfigured policies or some intelligence in the network. This is where ACE and its Foundation Toolkit come into play. Applications are automatically invoked during call setup and can remain in the call until tear down based on a pre-defined set of rules without user intervention.

The Microsoft Communicator Add-in integrates Avaya Aura with OCS R2 using client-side OCS/Lync integration on-prem and in the cloud with BPOS (and Office 365 in 3Q11). Only the OCS/Lync Standard CAL is required, which results in substantial cost savings to the customer in reduced need for Microsoft licenses. Worker productivity is enhanced with click-to-call and telephony presence from Avaya Aura handsets, as well as additional savings from eliminating the need to purchase OCS/Lync devices. The user experience with Microsoft Office Communicator (OC) is preserved with single sign-on and support for phone and computer modes supporting G.711, 722, 729 codecs. Moreover, users can leverage Avaya Aura’s rich feature set directly within OC client including a conversation window allowing mid call control (release, hold and retrieve, DTMF), click-to-video and CRM integration.

IBM Lotus Sametime integration also includes Hot Desking to manage phone and video devices. Workers can use their desk phones or preferred devices to click-to-call or click-to-video and to see presence and presence status changes during PSTN or video calls from within Sametime. Workers may call any PSTN number via integrated dial pad as well as click-to-call from contacts and e-mail within Lotus.

Avaya ACE is coupled with Avaya’s DevConnect Program, which supports third parties in making their applications work with Avaya telephony. DevConnect constitutes a broad ecosystem for delivery of innovative solutions that address an organization’s business, end user, and infrastructure needs. They are creating mainstream communications-enabled applications designed to help organizations ride the next wave of business process improvement. Case studies abound across hospitality, healthcare, banking, business services, utility and other verticals with ACE simplifying integration of real-time communications with applications to streamline business collaboration and workflows. And this is the principal imperative of enterprises today in the rush to harness unified communications for competitive advantage.

Carefx Fusionfx Healthcare Case Study: Carefx Fusionfx is used by over 15,000 care providers in over 400 healthcare centers connecting healthcare providers to data from disparate clinical support systems. Carefx is seeking opportunities to further streamline customers’ clinical and business workflows from multi-vendor communications systems. Avaya ACE was utilized to integrate Carefx with multi-vendor voice and video systems with visibility into caregiver’s presence. Click-to-call, IM, SMS, email, clinical data sharing was embedded directly within healthcare portals. The solution demonstrated 75% improvement in clinical workflow efficiency. “With Avaya ACE, Carefx customers can not only view complete clinical information in real-time but can also act on that information in real-time through communications-enablement. This increases the impact and value of the information since clinicians can react with speed, agility and accuracy to improve patient care,” (Qi Li, M.D., Executive VP of Global Clinical Strategies, Carefx)

Net-net the ACE Your Apps global program offers a great opportunity for Avaya customers to leverage the richness of ACE platform for CEBP as well as desktop integration, and extend Avaya real-time collaboration capabilities to any environment, including desktop software and business applications for a broad array of mobile and other devices. By going with ACE client-side integration you are preserving a single dial plan and the user experience of the OCS/Lync client while allowing client choice of handsets – a clear saver. And you can click-to-call from Office apps.

The growth of Avaya’s ACE applications and DevConnect partner provided solutions demonstrates how users are benefitting from implementing UC solutions broadly in both functionally and vertically focused applications deployments. It is the right time for all businesses to avail themselves of these improved business performance tools.

This article supported by Avaya.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cisco Networkers Solutions Forum Toronto - May 19, 2011

The 2011 Cisco Networkers Solutions Forum is a showcase for Cisco's best and latest in video collaboration and borderless networks. Its also where you’ll get a glimpse of exciting advancements in next generation of data center, cloud computing and service provider solutions. Networkers features education about IT Industry trends and offers training in the latest technologies. There is a lot to see, including live demonstrations of Cisco’s products and solutions and networkers is the place to meet networking professionals like you. We are excited about the lineup of keynote speakers. Make sure you check out TRC Networks booth and see what we can do for your company, you will not want to miss this one.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Guido Jouret
VP/GM and CTO of Cisco's Emerging Technologies Group.

Join us as Guido talks about "The Next Five Years." This provocative session will discuss the current and future trends that affect the proliferation and use of the latest technologies in business, such as mobility, virtualization, energy and video. Highlights will include Cisco's unique innovation model, the processes and technologies derived from that model, as well as use cases of these emerging technologies in business. Guido will also ‘connect-the-dots' of these various technologies and present more comprehensive solutions that can further drive and accelerate business transformation.

Mike Holmes
Canada's Most Trusted Contractor, Crusader to Make it Right™

Join us as the dynamic host and creator of Holmes on Homes™ has an open and frank discussion about how technology can improve building standards across the globe. All the while incorporating the latest green technologies and building a truly sustainable future. Highlights will include Mike's experiences filming his #1 show on HGTV Canada and how he's parlayed that into being an advocate for craftsmanship and skilled trades everywhere.

Click here to read more & register for free