Wednesday, October 3, 2012

 Call Centre

When most of us hear the term “Call Centre”, we envision a very large room with hundreds of cubicles with agents answering calls.

In reality, a more common “Call Centre” for most companies is 3 to 10 staff members , fielding service or sales calls (or both) within a company.

Companies have found that many more calls can be handled by fewer staff if those calls can be held in “priority queue”. In addition, Management Reports can be generated that identify peak times (day/month/year) for call volume so that staffing can be adjusted accordingly.

A relatively new request for Call Centres is for tracking and queuing of e-mail information requests.  This is all possible with today’s technology. Many customers are more comfortable and used to getting information via e-mail and would prefer to do so as opposed to speaking to a live agent. It also is very cost effective for companies to incorporate e-mailing queuing as many more e-mails can be answered in the time it takes to speak to a single caller, live.  In addition, Call Centre Supervisors have the ability to view an agent screen shot to monitor what is being communicated and for training purposes.