Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Structured Cabling Systems

Structured Cabling Systems

Structured cabling systems consist of cabling and other connectivity products that integrate data, video, voice and building management systems within a building. They include security access, safety alarms and energy systems among others.
Data and voice systems used to be cabled separately but the current standard practice is to integrate them into a single system. Such integration and the use of internationally standardized methods lower the initial cost of cabling by as much as 30 percent. Of course, the actual savings will depend on configurations used and cost of materials and labor.

Careful Planning of Structured Cabling

Although it is possible to use the same type of cable in a structured cabling system to deliver all power-limited services, it is important to use the best method of integrating the systems. There is need for careful early planning to choose the right cabling system that will be compatible with all systems to be integrated.
Industry standards for data and voice systems have been created by a number of bodies, including the International Standards Organization (ISO) and Electronic Industries Association (EIA). The standards address cabling and methods of delivering the cables. Prior to the establishment of the standards, people used many types of cables and different methods of wiring, which made it almost impossible to manage data networks. Changing systems often led to new cabling requirements because of lack of flexibility.
Decision makers can choose different methods. A standardized cabling architecture may incorporate horizontal electrical services. Alternatively, only the delivery methods may be consolidated into a single cable-tray system. Early planning will help in selecting the right types of cable irrespective of the method chosen.

Advantages of Structured Cabling Systems

Integrating different systems into a single unit provides several benefits:
  1. Reducing multiple spaces required for separate installations
  2. Easy maintenance since all systems will be in the same area
  3. Flexibility that makes it easy to upgrade or change systems
  4. Reducing cost of installation
  5. Long life - Structured cabling is an investment that will last for the long term.
  6. Support for multi-vendor equipment - A standards-based structured cabling system will support your applications and hardware even after you change or mix & match vendors.
  7. Simplify troubleshooting - Even cables that were installed correctly can fail -- and they do. With a structured wiring system, problems are less likely to down the entire network, easier to isolate, and easier to fix.
A large percentage of the cost savings associated with structured cabling systems has to do with reduced labor hours. The same project team can design, install and manage the cabling process, which improves efficiency. In case of any problems, the customer will only need to deal with that team. Reducing labor hours also allows buildings to be occupied sooner to start getting its benefits.
The open-office cabling system or pre-wired zone cabling makes it possible to provide cabling designs even when it is still not clear where devices will be placed. The design will strive to make the best use of the type and size of space.
It is relatively easier to install cabling during the construction stage, and the method does not interfere with finished surfaces. With proper design, the cabling can be re-used throughout the life of the building. Re-wiring does not only lead to cluttered spaces but also affect the physical structure of a building because of necessary modifications.

Does Structured Wiring Improve Value?

In the typical scenario, building management systems are cabled separately during the construction stage while data and voice cabling systems are installed when buildings are prepared for occupancy. This calls for multiple cabling systems at different stages of the construction process. With structured cabling systems, material and labor costs can be reduced by between 25 and 40 percent, and the maintenance costs will also be lower.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Advantages of BE 6000 - Business Edition 6000

Advantages Offered by the Cisco Business Edition 6000
Cisco is the biggest name in business communications, and for good reason- they consistently come out with high quality products that make communication easier for businesses around the world. Their new BE6000 is designed for mid-size businesses to get access to all of the advantages that larger companies get, including call center functionality, video calls, regular calls, instant messaging and more for up to 1,000 people all on one server. This is the most affordable option for mid-size business communication, and truly puts them on the same playing field as all of the big companies out there who can afford to have their own call centers, etc. Watch our video's about BE 6000

Never Miss a Call Again

There's nothing more off putting to a customer than not being able to get an answer when they call your business. A lot of small and medium sized businesses struggle with this because they simply cannot afford to have enough people or phone lines to answer every single call that comes in. With the BE6K, however, this is no longer the case. Every call that comes into your business will be able to be answered quickly and at a low cost to you. So don't worry about not being able to afford a call center, because with the easy to use Cisco Business Edition 6000, you will never miss a customer's call again.

All the Advantages of Video Conferencing

The Cisco Business Edition 6000 comes with one of the best video conferencing options on the market today. Video conferencing allows you to quickly and effectively communicate with everyone at the office. It allows information to be given and received in an easy and effective way, and it also saves money by allowing employees to work from home. Telecommuting is becoming much more popular these days, and things like the BE6000 are making it possible.

Look into the Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE6K, Be 6000, BE6000) Today

If you are a small or medium sized business that is struggling with communication issues, ditch those outdated, expensive systems and invest in the Business Edition 6000. With how well Cisco makes their products and how affordable the BE6K is, you won't have to worry about upgrading again for a very long time. The BE6000 will help solve all of your communication problems and put you on the same playing field as all of the big businesses out there who are using advanced and expensive communication systems.
For more resources visit Cisco Business Edition 6000

VOIP (Voice Over IP) Amazing Video Tutorial

Eli the Computer Guy created a video specifically designed for beginners to understand VOIP
 Eli creates videos about technologies that range from "introduction to Telephone Systems" to "Cleaning an Infected Computer". In this video explaining VoIP, the youtuber, who receives on average 200,000 views per video, discusses the basic components and ideas for a Voice Over IP Telephone System. The video covers things from VoIP Servers and Network Latency to QOS and Unified Communications.

Eli does a great job in simplifying the requirements for VoIP that any business or enterprise would be interested in.
Enjoy :)