Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Avaya 1400 Series Digital Telephones interesting new features

Jody Gonzales of Viper Communications had a chance to visit Avaya and see the new Avaya 1400 series phones. The new digital telephones, 1400's series, have some interesting new
Features. Avaya has not released the new brochure yet, but there's an interactive user guide. There is a circle under the display that allows you to "toggle" through information on the display. You can store speed dial numbers (name and number) and then do a search through them to find the info you are looking for, which is a vast improvement over how system speed dial works on a partner system. You can similarly search through caller id logs to look for missed calls or to see if someone specific called. You can have a 10 party conference call and use the circle thing to drop any party you choose (where on the party system you could only drop the last person to enter the conference). The new design of the phone has them sitting more upright like a panasonic phone, which users seem to prefer

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